Executive Sweet - Joke Title

Executive Sweet, a romance novel by Sage Ardman
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The funny name, Executive Sweet is not new. Here are some of the others that I have found.

1962: A fighter airplane. A North American B-25J Mitchell that seems to tour the country, at air shows and nostalgia events.
1965: Executive Sweet by Joan Ellis. A career woman juggles romance with a married man, an old high-school boyfriend, a next-door neighbor, a female friend, and even the building superintendent. In a brief but satisfying ending, she gets the right person.
1975: Executive Sweet by Jack Walker. A sleazy pulp novel about a woman who seduces her way to the top of a company.
1977: Dole Bananas. An advertising campaign.
1978: A trading card. The card was for the television show "Three's Company".
1979: A chocolatier. They are located in Ohio.
1988: Cheers. Episode 2 from season 7 is titled "Executive Sweet," about a young executive who falls in love with Rebecca.
2000: Executive Sweets, by Ted Isaacs. A short and trashy story about an executive and his wife, followed by many pages of business advice.
2012: Executive Suite or Sweet Executive?, by Rene Larouche. A short and kinky book about business and humiliation. Not a romance: pure erotica.
2014: Executive Sweet, by Alexis Adaire. A series of short books about a woman who submits to a bunch of rich, kinky executives. Not a romance: pure erotica.
2014: Executive Sweetie, by Carolyn Foulkes. Three short stories about women in the workplace, highlighting the differences and difficulties.

Got any more Executive Sweet sightings? Let me know and I'll add them here.