Rock Con Roll

Rock Con Roll, a romance novel by Sage Ardman

Book 2 in the FAME series



Why was I playing con games again? I'd stopped doing that years ago and lived an honest life in New York City. Now suddenly I was swindling Alejandro, the sexy rocker who had topped charts for a decade. I was a huge fan, in love with his music and his seductive smile. How could I take his money?

Unfortunately, I couldn't escape my past. I'd grown up on the streets, picking pockets, conning people, and forging art. Thanks to my foster mother and her grifter friends, I knew all the rules of the con, and I'd gotten good at it.

But I fell for an old trick, and the only way out was to scam Alejandro. I could con a crook easily enough, but cheating my favorite rock god was an entirely different story. In the end, nearly every con rule got broken, especially one of the most important ones: Never fall for the mark.