Female Con Artists On TV

I am fascinated by stories with female con artists and have gathered quite a collection. Here is my list of television shows. I also have lists of con women in:
   Romance Novels
   Non-Romance Novels
I’m always on the lookout, so if you’ve seen other TV shows, let me know.

A team of con artists, including one woman, work for the government to do secret international trickery.

Although Remington Steele is a thief and a con man, the woman who really runs the detective agency, Laura Holt, is just as much of a con artist, since she is thought of the idea.

The A-Team

Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn’t commit, help the innocent while on the run from the military. The first season or two also featured a female reporter who helps them con.

A miniseries that chronicles a woman’s journey from normal citizen to full con woman. She keeps running into a mysterious con man.

2004-12, U.K.

A team of con artists, four men and a woman, pull “long cons” (involved tricks, reminiscent of Mission Impossible).

2005, U.K.

Two female con artists work against each other while falling in love. A faithful recreation of the book by Sarah Waters (also adapted into the movie, The Handmaiden).

A team of con artists, including one woman, play scams on casinos (with their cooperation) in order to expose vulnerabililties.

The Real Hustle
2006-12, U.K.

A team of con artists, two men and a woman, pull actual cons, filmed secretly, to show common tricks. More of a reality TV show, but still educational and entertaining.

A “burned” spy tries to recover his reputation while pulling small jobs. He is assisted by two spys (one female) who do plenty of tricks to help him survive.

The Riches

A family of grifters in the American South assume fake identities in order to “steal” the American dream: a big house in suburbia. A sadly short-lived show.


A team of con artists, three men and two women, pull “long cons” (is this show an American clone of Hustle?)

Three con artists (one of them a woman) cheat a man in a long con with many short ones along the way. A History Channel miniseries.

A young woman seeks revenge for her father’s death by tricking all the rich and powerful people who took part in his dishonor.

Each episode is a different story about dangerous women: murderers, monsters, and even con artists. Too bad about all the the soft-core porn in the show, but the stories are good.

A comedy involving a scheming woman (in apartment 23) and her equally tricky roommate.

From the Blake Crouch books, Letty is a drug addict and con artist who finds herself helping people more than she expects.

She’s an investigator, tracking a male con artist. But she has to do plenty of conning herself to keep ahead of him.

She cons people into falling in love and marrying her, then she robs them.

He’s a con artist, pretending to be “Pete”, but nearly everyone he deals with is also a con artist, including many women.

Full disclosure: I have written two romance novels that feature female con artists: Executive Sweet and Rock Con Roll.

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